Flybear Article – Discover the Parisian Producer’s New Single and Cover of the Wilhelm Scream

Flybear’s article on the singer-songwriter from London could have something to offer those of you who are interested. The piece covers his latest hit single “Hollowed,” and his cover version of Wilhelm Scream. Find out more about the background of the song and the history of the musician. The time is now to be prepared for the latest in electronic music after reading this article. We’ll also touch on the latest music videos and album ‘Night Hike’.


It’s hard not to notice the young Parisian artist, Flybear who is on the ascendance. This 20-year-old has carved out an area of his own in the electronic music scene with his breakthrough single ‘Lies.’ Like Flume or Mura Masa, his new single, ‘Nighthike, which is beautiful, but strained and is a blend of numerous styles. If you’re not sure about him Don’t fret! For a insider’s viewpoint, we’ve written an overview of the book.

“Hollowed” is his latest single, is now out.

Flybear’s latest single “Hollowed” is a the collage style of music, which is an excellent introduction for the rising artist. The young man’s education in music theory has created an unique sound unique to him. Flybear creates electronic music using the self-recorded samples to give his music a relaxed atmosphere. Flybear is set to release his debut EP, so keep an eye out for updates!

Hollowed is a 3:30-minute song by Flybear. The track is part of Flybear’s debut album, Night Hike, due later in the year. It is available to download Hollowed for free from JioSaavn. If you’re a fan and want to take a listen to all of his music with JioSaavn! If you enjoy this new song, you’ll be sure to go to his EP!

He is the cover of “The Wilhelm Scream”.

The distinctive sound of James Blake’s well-known song “The Wilhelm Scream” has been something we’ve looked for but it’s easy to overlook the quality of what James Blake’s version is. Flybear’s cover of “The Wilhelm Scream” is a fantastic example of such a cover. Flybear’s rendition of “The Wilhelm Scream” is soft and has a soothing R&B vocal. Then, Flybear transforms into a catchy beat track. A hefty bassline, the percussive sounds make this track incredibly infectious.