Things to Do in Langkawi, Malaysia

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The first part of the ‘Malaysia’ name is “Ling” which stands for the Luang Prabang, a city on the Gulf of Thailand. From this city, tourists and travelers come to Malaysia, which is a country in South-East Asia. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur and the country’s largest city is Langkawi. Many tourists and travelers come to Malaysia for their honeymoons and weddings, so it is no surprise that the country boasts of a thriving and growing tourism industry. Malaysia enjoys a high percentage of tourist revenue as compared to other countries in the region.

A holiday in Malaysia is something you will never forget. Whether you are an Australian, Chinese, Indian or European, you will be able to find a beach in Malaysia that will suit your taste. There is something for everyone here. In addition, the country is famous for its beaches and natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef, secluded coves, lagoons and the rainforests.

When travelling in Malaysia, you will need to carry your passport, visa, debit card and Rakhaya (Malaysian currency) if you are staying outside Malaysia. Most travellers come to Malaysia on holiday only, so there aren’t any banks here. Money can be taken out at ATM machines. ATM fees are very expensive in most countries, so always take the money out when you leave. If you have some cash, you can even convert it to Malaysian Ringgits (real currency) at the nearest ATM.

Once you have paid for all your transactions, purchase any souvenirs you like. Some popular souvenirs include seashells, sand, freshwater pearls and coconut shells. Feel free to shop in any touristy areas like the East Coast Parkway, Cameron Islands, Cangani Beach and Seminyak Beach. The Internet has made shopping easier for even the least tech savvy tourist. You can browse through online stores like eBay and Amazon and buy directly from the companies. Shopping online is more convenient, but make sure to read customer reviews before making a purchase.

Bring with you sunglasses and sunhats, sunglasses for car drivers and pedestrians and a hat to keep the sun off your face. Malaysian women prefer long skirts and blouses over pants. They also like to cover their heads with shawls. In the evening, Malaysian men like to wear shirts with a v neck. A scarf is also a must-have.

Eating out in Malaysia is a bit different than eating in the US or other English speaking countries. In most restaurants in Malaysia, there is only one table for dining. That’s because locals do not like sitting at a table for more than five or six people. It is considered rude, so be sure to eat lunch at places with fewer customers.

Shopping in Malaysia can be like going back in time. There are thousands of tiny villages all over the country that have been completely transformed into small towns with all the modern amenities like schools, markets, hospitals, and shopping malls. There are also roadside eateries that offer delicious traditional foods like Hainanese chicken rice and noodles and seafood like oysters and squids.

In any case, visiting Malaysia would be an unforgettable experience. Being part of the country’s rich culture and tradition will truly be an unforgettable experience. If you plan to visit Malaysia anytime soon, be sure to bring your passport and Malaysian money. You may also want to bring your family and friends along with you.

If you are planning to visit LMH (Langkawi Maritime Museum) in Langkawi, be prepared for a completely different kind of vacation. A trip to the museum would start with the captain of the vessel coming to see you. He will take you on a short boat ride to the museum and introduce you to the people who take their jobs on board. You will then be ushered into a long, dark room where you will be presented with a certificate upon completion of your voyage. The certificate will then be presented to you as a souvenir of your wonderful experience.

One of the most popular museums in Langkawi is the Underwater World. Here you will see a variety of sea creatures like sharks, dolphins, octopus, and many other marine-related species. Other displays include a coral reef and manatee habitat, as well as a replica of what the country’s coastal areas looked like in history. Another display worth checking out in the Underwater World is the collection of pearl beads from different cultures in Asia and Oceania. These beads come from a variety of countries like India, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia.

There are also many interesting museums in the area that would appeal to visitors more aesthetic-minded than scientific. For instance, the National Art Gallery in Langkawi houses a large collection of local paintings, while the Malaysian Art Gallery is devoted to both local and national artists. Finally, the Periyar Art Museum houses a range of exhibits dedicated to Malaysian and Indian contemporary artists. All of these museums are located near the coast, so if you’re a boat-enthusiast, you won’t have much trouble finding a good place to eat. But, if you like a more outdoorsy environment, then there are plenty of natural parks and reserves available to explore. In fact, you could spend a week or two in Langkawi exploring all of its many cultural wonders without ever leaving the beach.