Top 5 Caterers in Malaysia

When you’re planning a corporate event, you’ll want to choose a catering company that offers a variety of menu options. These companies have been around for decades, and they can make any event memorable. They provide everything from appetizers to gourmet meals. Whether you’re planning an employee appreciation luncheon or a corporate conference, a catering Malaysia company can handle all of your needs.

Life Bites Catering

Life Bites Catering specializes in serving Italian, Malaysian, and Western cuisines. Its buffet lineup can include items such as scones with cream cheese, mini burgers, and fried macaroni and cheese with grilled chicken. The company also serves halal banquets, and its staff are professional waiters who are trained to provide excellent service.

The company started as a small family business in 2006 and today provides mouth-watering delicacies. It caters to many different events, including weddings and festivals. In addition, they provide halal-certified meals and have an all-inclusive pricing policy.

So Good Food Caterer

So Good Food caterer specializes in local and Asian cuisines. They also offer finger foods catering services. In addition to traditional and western food, they serve finger food from Thailand, Myanmar, and other Asian countries. If you are planning a wedding, birthday, or corporate function, So Good Food caterer is the right choice.

So Good Food caterer in Malaysia offers a wide range of local and international cuisines. Moreover, they specialize in finger foods and halal dishes. They also offer event catering and food decoration services.

Jumbo Caterer

Established in 2005, Jumbo Caterer Malaysia specializes in a wide variety of cuisines. From savory Malaysian fare to a more international menu, the company caters to various events in Malaysia and beyond. They can handle as many as 30 different events on a single day and serve up to 12,000 people.

Located in Taman Bukit Kuchai, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Jumbo caters to the entire Klang Valley and beyond. They offer banquet table catering, buffet catering, and event management. They also specialize in authentic Northern Indian food and Indian-inspired cuisines.

Plant-Based Health Alliance

One of the best ways to improve your health is to switch to a plant-based diet. To make this happen, the Plant-Based Health Alliance partners with various companies to provide their customers with plant-based meals. In addition, the Alliance engages in political lobbying, corporate advocacy, and capacity building. All of the plant-based products that the group sells are made from organic ingredients.

The mission of Legume is to provide a range of fully plant-based meals to customers without compromising on taste. Their meals are prepared by in-house chef Leong, who draws inspiration from Malaysian heritage cooking methods and flavours. The company also aims to give back to the local community.

Teaffani Catering

If you’re planning an event in Malaysia, you’ll definitely want to consider Teaffani Catering. This company specializes in corporate catering, weddings, birthday parties, and other private gatherings. It provides custom-made equipment and has served some of the most prominent companies in Malaysia. It has also catered for household celebrations such as baby showers.

The company has recently moved to a new central kitchen, combining modern cooking equipment and traditional wok cooking. It’s important to keep the staff well-trained, so that the food tastes great and is safe. In addition to a modern kitchen, Teaffani has a dedicated outdoor catering area, where diners can enjoy their meal.